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Product Assortment

Marijuana manufacturers’ products are regulated by law, for example, all edible marijuana products must be prepared, handled and stored in compliance with the sanitation requirements in 105 CMR 590.000: minimum sanitation standards for food establishment ,with the requirements for food handlers specified in 105 CMR 300.000 , the manufacturers are also required by law to produced in a form that is testable whether they are edible or non edible, pay test fees to laboratory, to keep track from seed to sell. All these requirements result in high costs for manufacturers, also, when you are a marijuana manufacturer, you may purchase no more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana or its dry-weight equivalent in raw concentrate per year, which intent to keep marijuana manufactures in small business, manufacturers can not gain their market share or profit from massive production. These obstacles draw more attention to product and product line where the majority of the profit come from.

Product assortment sometimes referred to as merchandise mix, refers to the variety of products that a retailer stock and sells, it has two key components 1. Product breadth, which is the variety of product lines. 2. Product depth, which is the number of variations within a particular product line. In order to be more competitive, getting your product assortment right is one of the most important things to do.

When browsing the internet, we can discover that marijuana products are divided into categories including: flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, cartridges, and so on.

Assess your productivity, when you can easily produce different categories of product simultaneously, you should consider expanding your product breadth to enlarge your product portfolio and as a result provides the consumers with more variety to choose from, for example when you reach the cultivation and purchase limits, accessories like lighters, travel cases, key chains, books, pipes can also increase the influence of your brand.

Otherwise you should consider improving your product depth, by focusing on the innovation of the same product line, to create the uniqueness of a certain category of product might be a good choice. It’s easier to be more creative on edible marijuana products than others, when the consumers can only purchase up to one ounce of flower or five grams of concentrate at a time, to consider different THC dosage in pre-roll are more difficult, and when you consider edible, like beverages, you can simply change the fruit flavor because edible marijuana products that are geometric shapes and simply fruit-flavored are not considered fruit and are permissible.

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