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"Laury Lucien is not easily described, but some words that come to mind when considering her dedication to her work are visionary, leader, collaborative partner, and creator of change. In the short time I have worked with Laury, I have been moved and motivated by her and inspired beyond.  


To share time with Laury is a gift, and you have to meet Laury and connect in real time to understand the magnitude of her leadership. Laury dedicates herself to an ever evolving industry while remaining focused on the human impact. She is both teacher and student, team member and leader; a visionary that gets started with an idea and sees it through to all stages of development.


Laury’s unique ability to build community and connections relies on her natural need to be working towards a greater goal. Whether she is teaching law students, building a business from idea to operation, helping others build their business or volunteering her time and talents to non-profit organizations, Laury excels in all she does. She is exactly what any community needs, someone that puts their all in everything they do, and her dedication benefits all of the people and causes she is connected to in the growing cannabis industry."

-Jordan Mackenzie, Co-Founder of The Weedaker Group


"Working with Laury is really like working with Big Mama. She has your best interest at heart. She holds your hand to the finish line."

-Jeff Similien, Entrepreneur & CEO Lowkey Dispensary

"Laury is so inspiring. She has such infectious energy and knowledge. I have learned so much from her!"


-Daniel J. Mondello, CEO 

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